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What is next? A Clash Between AKP and TUSIAD?

on 13 Eylül 2014 - 10:40 Kategori: English

(17. 02 2014) Turkey is drawn to a serious crisis. While the order of corruption built by AKP  paves the way ofa great political instability,  the economical break down affects the society day by day. Until now, the big capital has tried to be calm and objective about the fight between AKP and Cematt, but with the breakdown of  the economy, start to show of its teeth.

The head of TUSIAD ,Muharrem Yılmaz, gave a speech in the 44th Plenary Session which he leads serious criticism to AKP because of the problems encountered. In his speech, Yılmaz criticizes by saying: “Under such a circumstance, Turkey wears out itself in such a fighting. After all that happened in the security institutions, we can’t desist from questioning how this foundations work and how they will. The affection of some nonpolitical groups unsettles us. It is clear that the law which affects the borders of the online freedom will affect the freedom. We believe this preparation fort he legal regulation needs a regulation including the definition of European Court of Human Right. The law proposal which will change the model of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) one more time adds new problems to the structure of HSYK.

Since the day AKP had come to the powe , capital under the leadership of TUSIAD earned great  profits  through AKP. Throughouth last ten years, Turkey exactly turns into the country of the cheap labor just  like the bosses have wanted; TUPRAS, Petroleum Office had been sold to KOÇ and DOĞAN almost for free. In this process, while AKP implement its neoliberal politics immediately  and create the stability which the capital want, TUSIAD gave its full support to AKP in his fight to its rivals.

However, in this process, it is quite possible to dissolution of their partnership. Likewise,with the Gezi resistance,  serious conflicts appeared between AKP and some capitalist groups . For instance, during the Gezi protests, Divan Hotel which belongs to KOÇ had opened its doors to protestors. Then, AKP took OPET, TUPRAS and AYGAZ under control of financial audit.

Capitalists do not interested with tyrant will be in the government but how their interests will be affected. They don’t have any problems with AKP’s  neither  the press on youth and laborers nor his unfair implements unless it muddy the waters. For now, they only critize AKP but they won’t cut their relation, it seems like their relation  loosening. After the head of TUSIAD critizes AKP, KOÇ said  that“ I am not worried. We will think about it after the first quarter”. That means if AKP keeps its power after the local elections, AKP and TUSIAD will keep their holiness relation.

On the other hand, if  AKP continues to be pressured by international capitalist system and economy get into trouble, capitalists will have no choice to seek for new alternatives. In such a circumstance, for TUSIAD, it won’t be hard to find a new partner.

No matter who is the  bully in government , dominant classes won’t think anything else as they continue to gain profit.  Without destroying TUSIAD, AKP and Cemaat and destroying the system of the unfairness, the real justice system will never come.




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