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The Chef and The Cause -Veli Umut Arslan

12 Haziran 2016 - 22:12 Kategori: English

  On the one hand the wildest ruler of capital AKP government put into practice the anti-worker attack like the rental worker implementation, on the other hand the country becomes the farmer of Erdogan. In one sense, forced projects of conservatizing…

Syriza’nın Seçim Zaferi Nasıl Açıklanır? | V. U. ARSLAN

22 Eylül 2015 - 18:11 Kategori: Devrimci Perspektif, V. U. Arslan

Yunanistan'da 9 ay içerisinde yapılan 2. genel seçimden de zaferle çıkan Syriza oldu. Syriza, elde ettiği %35.4'lük oy oranı ve ikinci sıradaki…

Greece Said ‘NO’ ! What will happen next?

10 Temmuz 2015 - 23:00 Kategori: English

Referandum in Greece have been completed. People voted 61.31% ‘no’ and 38.69%  ‘yes’. There is 9 million 800 thousand registered voters in the…

Syriza Couldn’t Negotiate The “Bend”. It is High Time for Radical Demands!

1 Temmuz 2015 - 01:02 Kategori: English

On our previous articles concerning Greece, we have said that Syriza is about to enter one of the sharpest bend. Whether Syriza negotiate the bend or not was a curiosity from the point of pre-election demands. However it is now clearly seen that within the…

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