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Spring Has Come to Turkey!

13 Eylül 2014 - 10:32 Kategori: English

1. Finally, “Spring” of Turkey has come. Great protests,  had not  been seen for  a long time in the country,  started in METU despite of the  though oppression, had spread to the  other universities   in December.  Those protests had told us  the…

SDH’den Uluslararası Dayanışma ve Mücadele çağrısı

11 Temmuz 2013 - 14:13 Kategori: English, SEP Girişimi

11 Temmuz, 2013 Sürekli Devrim Hareketi, AKP'nin Gezi Direnişine yönelik başlattığı saldırı ve tutuklama dalgasının ardından uluslararası…

About the June Days and After

30 Haziran 2013 - 23:24 Kategori: English

It can be seen that the June Days have reached the point of satisfaction for a certain period of time. The continuation of the demonstrations and the…

The Witch-Hunt of JDP Cannot Break the Spirit of the June Resistance

26 Haziran 2013 - 23:19 Kategori: English

26 Haziran, 2013 The police attack of Justice and Development Party government (JDP/AKP) against the Taksim and Kizilay insurgents continued today with police operations. In the early morning, many socialists are taken into custody in Istanbul and Ankara.…

Spring Has Come to Turkey – 2

15 Haziran 2013 - 22:59 Kategori: English

1. The occurrences of the recent days have proved that the social movement has strong sources and will not yield easily. A new generation is doing demonstrations almost in all country and despite the strong pressures of the government, they did not leave the…

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